The Toy Factory: Episode 3 - Brothers

You're invited to explore the wonders of Master Chancy's Toy Emporium.

The Toy Factory is a new Halloween tale from The Other Stories with daily episodes from 27th - 31st October.

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The Toy Factory was produced by the story studio Hawk & Cleaver and its community. To support the studio and to join our discord community, head over to

The Toy Factory was written by Luke Kondor (

And Daniel Willcocks (

Georgia Cook plays the role of May (

Justin Fife plays the role of Master Chancy (

Josh Curran and Manny Realguy play the roles of the Thacker brothers. Follow Josh at

The audio was stitched, massaged, digitally distorted, and manipulated by the audio wizard Karl Hughes (

The listener's background music was created by Birds of Paradise (

Some of the factory music was created by klankbeeld (

Other various effects such as tape noise, distortion, and many more were provided by the great community over at

We’d also like to thank the Hawk & Cleaver community members who forced… I mean… kindly asked their children to record voices for the toys.

Graphics were handled by Ben Errington, the true master of social media playtime (

The cover art was created by Matt Sef Barnes created the artwork (

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