74.4 The Right One

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The Right One

'How far would you go to serve the one?'

Written by Mark Towse (https://www.instagram.com/towseywrites/)

Narrated by Justin Fife (https://www.twitter.com/justinbfife)

Edited by Karl Hughes (https://twitter.com/karlhughes)

With music by JCM [Canada] (https://soundcloud.com/j_c_m)

And Thom Robson (https://www.thomrobsonmusic.com/)

The episode illustration was provided by Luke Spooner of Carrion House (https://carrionhouse.com/)

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And Carolyn O'Brien for helping with our submission reading.

And to Ben Errington for the hot lava eruptions of content he spurts from the end of his social media volcano.

Check out more of Mark Towse’s work at https://marktowsedarkfiction.wordpress.com/

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