63.4 Seven Chances

Half-forgotten memories haunt Joel when he tries to pretend everything is normal. How long can he ignore signs of his other life, the terrible things he’s done, or the people he’s left behind?

Written by Duncan Muggleton (https://twitter.com/duncanmuggleton)

Narrated by Manny Realguy

Edited by Karl Hughes (https://twitter.com/karlhughes)

With music by Daniel Birch (https://www.danielbirchmusic.com/)

and Thom Robson (https://www.thomrobsonmusic.com/)

And sound effects provided by http://www.Freesound.org

The episode illustration was provided by Luke Spooner of Carrion House (https://carrionhouse.com/)

Duncan is one-half of the editing team on The Other Stories, and he occasionally writes stories that no-one reads. But mostly he makes music that no one listens to, as part of his indie record label, Temporal Recordings. All of this music is free, and can be found at temporalrecordings.wordpress.com. Follow him on Twitter at @duncanmuggleton

Manny Really is a man… and he’s a real… guy…

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