58.1 The Apothecary’s Cure

The troubling predictions of a fortune teller drive Ernest Timmons to seek out an eccentric apothecary who specializes in helping people forget. Unfortunately, the forces working against him remember everything.

Written by Chris Lilienthal

Narrated by Jasmine Arch

Edited by Duncan Muggleton

With music by Andrew kn and Thom Robson

And sound effects provided by Freesound.org

The episode illustration was provided by Luke Spooner of Carrion House

Chris Lilienthal is a writer and communications professional. He lives with his wife, two sons, and two dogs in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. You can follow him on Twitter at @ChrisLilienthal.

Writer, poet, narrator, podcaster and all round chaos-for-brains Jasmine Arch lives in a nook of Belgian countryside with two horses, four dogs, and a husband who knows better than to distract her when she's writing.

Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Other Stories, NewMyths.com and Hybrid Fiction, among others. Find out more about her or her work at JasmineArch.com.

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