50.2 The Truth Will Set You Free

After three years of silence, Eddie receives a surprise call from his old friend, Victor. Inside the apartment, things grow from weird to weirder to full-on WTF.

Written by Michael David Wilson

Narrated by Persephone Rose

Edited by Duncan Muggleton

With music by Umcorps and Thom Robson

And sound effects provided by Freesound.org

The illustration was provided by Luke Spooner of Carrion House Design.

Michael David Wilson is a professional writer, editor, podcaster, and the founder of thisishorror.co.uk. His debut novella, The Girl in the Video, will be published on April 28th by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, and House of Bad Memories will be published in 2021 by Grindhouse Press. Connect with Michael at www.michaeldavidwilson.co.uk or @wilsonthewriter on Twitter.

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