50.1 The Itch

Did you ever get an itch that went deeper than the surface, as though little critters were inside you—running up and down your spine? 

Written by Mark Towse  

Narrated by Justin Fife

Edited by Karl Hughes 

With music by Wialenove and Thom Robson

And sound effects provided by Zapsplat.com

The illustration was provided by Luke Spooner of Carrion House Design

After a 30-year hiatus, Mark recently gave up a lucrative career in sales to pursue his dream of being a writer. His passion and belief have resulted in pieces in many prestigious magazines, including Flash Fiction Magazine, Raconteur, Breaking Rules Publishing, Books N' Pieces, Artpost, Colp, The Horror Zine, Antipodean SF, Page & Spine, Twenty-Two Twenty-Eight, and Montreal Writes. His work has also appeared twice on The No Sleep Podcast, once on The Grey Rooms Podcast and is also set to appear on Centropic Oracle. Ten anthologies to date include his work, two of which are on the 2019 Horror Writers Association recommended list, and a further eight anthologies set for imminent release also contain his work. His first collection, ‘Face the Music’ has just been released by All Things That Matter Press and is available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Dymocks, etc.

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