48.3 The Paperweight

The dark and brooding Howie is changed forever after a failed suicide attempt causes him brain damage. His father believes that something wicked remains in the boy’s mind, and those suspicions are confirmed after the boy gifts him a strange, painted rock—a paperweight.

Written by A.L. King

Narrated by Persephone Rose

Edited by Karl Hughes

With music by Umcorps and Thom Robson

With sound effects provided by Zapsplat.com

The artwork for today’s theme is by Luke Spooner at Carrion House

It is important to note that the character of Howie in my tale was on a sinister path well before he suffered cognitive impairments. Please do not take this spooky little story as a reason to see or treat those who have suffered brain damage any differently. No matter who we are and what struggles we face, we should try to show each other patience, kindness, and respect.


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