45.2 The Skin of the World

On a sunny, summer day, a married couple are on a search for their first house. But just when they think they've found their dream home, they find themselves lost in every sense of the word.

Written by Ryan Harville

Narrated by Persephone Rose

Edited by Karl Hughes

With music by Andrew KN and Thom Robson

With sound effects provided by Freesound.org

Ryan Harville is a horror and sci-fi author from the United States and lives along Alabama's Gulf Coast. Please visit his website, ryanharvillewriting.com to see a list of his previous and upcoming publications. If you'd like to enjoy some more of Ryan's work, along with stories from horror legends Clive Barker and Ramsey Campbell, please check out the horror anthology Dark Places, Evil Faces Volume II. One hundred percent of the proceeds from sales of the book go to the U.K. based charity Rethink Mental Illness. It's available now from amazon.com.


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