S3e14 The Entrepreneurial Journey Edition with Mike Paton

James chat with Mike Paton who is absolutely passionate about helping entrepreneurs. After growing up in a household full of teachers and entrepreneurs and cutting his teeth in banking, he spent 10 years leading entrepreneurial companies before discovering EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System in 2007.

Instantly drawn to its timeless concepts and simple practical tools. He's become one of the first professional EOS implementers and since then, he's conducted over 1200 sessions from more than 120 companies, co authored the book "Get a Grip" with Gino Wickman, conducted action packed talks and workshops all around the world and spent five years as EOS Worldwide's visionary.

Today Paton spends all of his time helping entrepreneurs implement EOS, running better businesses and living better lives.

Contact Paton:

Email: mpaton@eosworldwide.com
Web: www.eosworldwide.com
LinkdeIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikepaton/
Twitter: @mpaton