S3E1 The What's Your Legacy Going To Be Edition with Jeanne Bliss

James chats with Jeanne Bliss, affectionately known as The Godmother of Customer Experience. Jeanne helps companies and people become the best versions of themselves, guiding them to define, build and live the behaviours and the actions that will fuse customers to them, and ultimately create deep and memorable relationships.

She's had a singular mission of building these deeper relationships for over 35 years. First as the inaugural Chief Customer Officer at Lands End, Coldwell Banker, Allstate and Microsoft. Then since 2002, she's been guiding leaders all over 20,000 around the world, to understand that improving their lives should be their most strategic and important vision. In a marketplace that values congruence of heart (what you knows right) and habit (how you act) the memory of how you make people feel is the greatest currency of your brand.

They talk about talking with people, humanity in business, children's shoe shops, queuing 3 blocks long, defining your business, empowering your people, trust and Italian families, and of course, customer service.

Contact Jeanne:

Web: www.customerbliss.com
Mobile: + 1 425 444 7654
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeannebliss/
Jeanne's Books: https://www.customerbliss.com/books/