SaaStr 554: The Builders and Sellers Playbook: Proven Models that Help GTM and Product-led Teams Scale with CircleCI CEO Jim Rose

We know the secret to SaaS is technology that scales, but what about the people? Effective collaboration between go-to-market and R&D teams is critical, and it all starts with understanding how the other side operates.

Product-led organizations are made up of “builders and sellers,” two parts of your organization who inherently approach their work differently. To get the entire organization on the same page, a different playbook is required.

From introducing more effective communication practices to finding shared purpose in disparate operating models, there are required shifts that need to be made at each stage of growth.

In this talk, 20+ year SaaS entrepreneur and CircleCI CEO, Jim Rose, will share:

  1. Understanding what product-led growth really means and how to find harmony during rapid expansion

  2. How to build and use a data-driven engine to get R&D and GTM teams speaking the same language

  3. How to look for the key signals that drive critical decisions at various stages of growth


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