SaaStr 497: Founder Confidential, The Highs, and Lows of Fundraising From Founders That Raised $1B with Coda, Expensify, LaunchDarkly, Boast.Ai and SaaStr

Featuring 3 prominent Founders - from Calendly, Coda and LaunchDarkly - that have achieved scale, at "Founder Confidential" you will hear about the highs and lows of fundraising, working with a VC board, and real talk about what it really is like to be a true Founder.

Moderator: Lloyed Lobo, Co-Founder, Boast.AI

Panelists: Shishir Mehrotra, Cofounder and CEO, Coda Edith Harbaugh, Cofounder and CEO, LaunchDarkly David Barrett, Founder and CEO, Expensify Jason Lemkin, Founder and CEO, SaaStr

Blog post and video: