The Official SaaStr Podcast: SaaS | Founders | Investors

by SaaStr
The Official SaaStr Podcast is the latest and greatest from the world of SaaStr, interviewing the most prominent operators and investors to discover their tips, tactics and strategies to attain success in the fiercely competitive world of SaaS. On the side of the operators, we center around getting from $0 to $100m ARR faster, what it takes to scale successfully and what are the core elements of hiring. As for the investors, we learn what metrics they hone in on when examining SaaS business, what type of metrics excites them and what they look for in SaaS founders.
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  1. 18:25SaaStr 504: The Cutting Edge Techniques for Overcoming High-Stress Sales with Bryan Smith, Co-Founder at Leon Health, and Bryan Elsesser, SaaStr VP of SalesDec 07, 2021
  2. 22:44SaaStr 503: The RevTech Stack Playbook, Going from $1M to $100M with SalesLoft's CMO Sydney SloanDec 03, 2021
  3. 23:52SaaStr 502: Why Founders Should Prioritize Personal Development with Shopify's President, Harley FinkelsteinDec 02, 2021
  4. 25:44SaaStr 501: The State of Software Buying From SMB to Enterprise with G2's CMO, Amanda MalkoNov 30, 2021
  5. 24:30SaaStr 500: How to Scale a Successful SaaS Sales Team with Harry Stebbings, Founder @ 20 VC, and Jason Lemkin, CEO and Founder @ SaaStrNov 24, 2021
  6. 24:05SaaStr 499: The Cutting Edge Techniques for an Impactful Live Event Strategy with Mark Jung, VP Marketing at Dooly, and Zoë Hartsfield, Community Manager at DoolyNov 22, 2021
  7. 24:30SaaStr 498: The Most Common SaaS Sales Potholes and How to Avoid Them with Mark Roberge, Managing Director at Stage 2 CapitalNov 19, 2021
  8. 22:28SaaStr 497: Founder Confidential, The Highs, and Lows of Fundraising From Founders That Raised $1B with Coda, Expensify, LaunchDarkly, Boast.Ai and SaaStrNov 17, 2021
  9. 25:15SaaStr 496: Business Conversations vs. Sales Pitches, The Cutting Edge Techniques to Get This Right with Doug Landis, Growth Partner at Emergence CapitalNov 16, 2021
  10. 24:16SaaStr 495: The Secrets Behind Creating Scalable Products with Box's CEO and Co-Founder, Aaron Levie, and SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason LemkinNov 12, 2021