Move Beyond Your Bio and Limitations | Andrea Henkart |David T.S. Wood

What labels have you assigned yourself? What ‘bio’ do you project as who you are? Are you placing limitations on yourself because of what society says about you? In this episode of My Extra Mile, Andrea Henkart Joins David T.S. Wood to talk about becoming an awakened person and moving beyond the limitations that you’ve set for yourself.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...


  • Learning how to move away from external influences
  • The impact of social media on young women
  • How to change women’s mindsets about themselves
  • Recognizing the labels, you’ve assigned to yourself
  • Why most people don’t show up authentically with their parents
  • How to re-establish self-trust and authenticity
  • The role of adversity and overcoming in awakening
  • Practices to ground yourself in the moment
  • Embracing “yes” can radically change your life
  • An impactful story about the power of kindness
  • How to change your environment to change your energy
Change the narrative for yourself—and future generations


There’s so much pressure on men and women to look, act, and show up a certain way. Andrea points out that the perception that women have of themselves isn’t based on reality—it’s based on society. Women have lost sight of who they are and what their value is.


But she emphasizes when we can quiet ourselves and listen, we can come to a place where we believe and trust our own self: “When we value ourselves from the inside, we ignite from the outside.” Unfortunately, society and social media are all about comparing—and comparison truly is the thief of joy.


Andrea notes that adults need to show up as an example for their children. Modeling is how kids learn. How ‘mom’ is feeling about herself is what she is projecting to her child—insecurities and all. Embracing yourself leads to setting better examples for your children. Focus on creating more love, more peace, and more friendships. When you feel beautiful it radiates from within.

Move beyond your bio


A lot of women struggle with self-worth and self-love. How does Andrea help someone awaken in the workshops she offers? She puts women in groups to talk, share, and go deep. When given the opportunity, women can be real, raw, and move beyond their bios. They’re allowed to question: Who am I? It’s about being real and showing up—and being radically honest with yourself.


One attendee told Andrea that she had never really trusted women before. She was a businesswoman and always related better with men. But she was allowed to be raw and open with a group of women. She realized it was what she’d craved for so long. Women walk away feeling empowered.

Re-establish self-trust and authenticity


Andrea lost her husband in a tragic plane crash. It was a struggle to pull herself out of the ashes and recover from the loss. She had to reevaluate who she was, what she was going to do next, and how she was going to show up as a human. And it was painful. But she notes that it was David that helped pull her out. He said, “Andrea, how much longer do you want to feel this?”. It was a pivotal moment. She knew she needed to start letting go of her fears and start saying “Yes.”


Andrea points out that we all have adversity in our lives that we must accept and overcome. But you must reflect on the adversity and acknowledge: How much longer do I want to stay in this space? It’s okay to be in a place of not knowing or not having an answer. But you can find depth within yourself to grow and rise from that. You can’t change your world without changing yourself first.


But how do you do that? Andrea shares that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. Find ways to have more fun, say yes more often, and live in gratitude. When things look really dark and you feel your worst, focus on what you’re grateful for. There is a voice inside all of us that is wise—but we don’t listen to it. Tune into that voice. Listen and trust your intuition.


Andrea shares a powerful story about kindness, some practices to ground yourself in the moment, and how to change your environment to change your energy. Don’t miss this episode!

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