6: Welcome home Troy Deeney, and Clem serves up a slice of punditry perfection, courtesy of Owen Coyle!

He spent 12 years at Vicarage Road, which is enough to cement and secure a very special place in Troy Deeney’s heart, but when his boyhood club came knocking, at the age of 33 he couldn’t possibly turn them down. Arguably the biggest story of the recent EFL transfer window, Mark Clemmit catches up with his old mate, to find out what it feels like to be finally coming home! And when it comes to unparalleled knowledge of players, management, stats and stories from one end of the pyramid to the other, there are few finer than Owen Coyle! Always entertaining and informative in fairly equal measure, it’s a pleasure to hear Owen and Clem look forward to what’s in store for the next few weeks!