Episode 009: The French Connection

Patrick and Woody are en route to Marseille to obtain the services of Head Coach Felix Grosjean, but a stumbling block is put in their place as the Marseille Chief-Executive is having second thoughts. Jess is tasked with keeping Chinese betting corporation, and Ashwood City shirt sponsor; iBET sweet, but heavy concessions are required.

Paul Waggott as Patrick Nolan

Helena Doughty as Jess Tate

Adam Jarrell as Chris 'Woody' Woodall

Additional voices:

Omari Douglas

Denis Michallet

Wen Theaker

Trev Neo

Joel Emery

Jonny Sharples


Created by:

Oliver Dowling

Adam Jarrell

Joel Emery

Edited by:Adam Jarrell

Executive Producer:Joel Emery

WARNING. This podcast contains explicit language and content some listeners may find objectionable.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or deceased, organisations, places or events is purely coincidental. All scenarios are from the author's imagination. This podcast is protected under copyright. 

Listener discretion is advised. 

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