It’s almost time!

We are just a matter of days away from Brady’s Bucs squaring off against Mahomes’ Chiefs in Super Bowl 55. ESPN NFL insider Dan Graziano gives us the very latest on injuries for both teams, talks about what this very different super bowl week must be like for the players and shares his keen insight on some key parts of Sunday’s matchup. Pro Goalkeeper and Patriots super-fan Asmir Begovic then joins the show to talk about the Bucs’ D, what it takes to be an elite athlete for so long and why he will never bet against the GOAT. 
Injuries: 03:45, Super Bowl build-up - 05:42, Chief’s future - 07:55, What makes an elite athlete - 29:55 , Brady fear factor - 33:50, Super Bowl prediction - 35:30, Bucs defence - 38:10 , Patriots’ future - 42:13.