The Super Bowl Review show

Tom Brady furthers his legacy with another super bowl so we thought it was only fair to further Iron Mike Carlson’s legacy with another show appearance. Yes, TB12 may be getting all the plaudits but it was Todd Bowles & this Tampa D that impressed Mike & Nat the most so that's where we start. Where did it go wrong for the Chiefs? Mike tells us that as well as why there were so many flags before celebrating what was a hard-fought performance from a banged-up Mahomes. Then of course it is time to talk about the man that has more rings than any other team - Tom Brady & the guys break down what makes him so special. Mike & Nat finish by paying tribute to two greats who sadly passed last week- Mike’s High School Football Coach & NFL broadcasting legend from ATN pod Chris Wesseling. 2:32 - Bucs D; 8:30 - Chiefs Issues; 13:00 - Flags; 16:00 - Mahomes;   24:30 - Brady; 30:00 - Mike’s tribute; 34:20 - Wess tribute. Don’t forget to catch us over on social: