When will the NFL Start?

First former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum joins us to talk how & when we could see the NFL restarting & whether that includes a pre-season. Then we get his thoughts on some of the major offseason deals including Myles Garrett’s, Chris Jones’ & of course the biggest sports contract in history - Patrick Mahomes’. Then ESPN’s Washington insider John Keim comes on the show to give us his insight into the variety of issues facing the capital’s franchise as well as whether Dwayne Haskins is the right man to play under center. Preseason - 5:45; Player Power - 9:10; Roster Cuts - 14:00; The NFL Start - 15:30; Garrett - 16:30; Brett Veach - 19:20; Off the Field Washington - 25:00; On the Field Washington 34:00.  Don’t forget to catch us on socials as well: 

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