The Three Amigos

It’s an old friends, new guests double-header as two of Nat’s mates who just so happen to be top-flight broadcasters and journalists - Richard Graves and Will Gavin - drop by to talk about people getting paid, people sitting out and if there will be people playing ball at all! After all that there’s still time to take on the NFL top 100, how the approach to the season will affect new and seasoned players and of course to give Will a quick-fire grilling. All the good noise starts when you download so best come get some…

Bosa deal 5.00 / players skipping the season 13.40 / the silent season? 19.30 / Joe Burrow 34.20 / the NFL 100 38.30 / what connects the ’71 Cowboys, ’72 Dolphins and the ’18 Pats? 45.05 / Brady or Garoppolo? 59.00 / best of the West 1.01.20 / quick fire round 1.04.00

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