TikTok and Instagram Influencers with Ultra Records Marketing Director

This week's guest is Bina Fronda. She's the marketing director for Ultra Records. Ultra Records has released artists like Steve Aoki, Alexandra Stan, Alan Walker, Lost Frequencies, and more. This was recorded live from Bina's apartment in Brooklyn, NY. She had just gotten back from a concert and festival.

We talk about a bunch of stuff, but specifically we dig into influencer marketing. The thing that I was interested to learn about was how they get in touch with TikTok "influencers" (people with huge followings on the platform, or social media in general). If you ever wondered how those influencers choose which song(s) to dance to, well, oftentimes it's labels paying them to do those dances, skits, or anything like that. 


Quick links:

3:54 - Who distributes Ultra Records, and how long Bina has been at the label

9:50 - Amazon Music's official playlists and getting support from Amazon

11:57 - About Ultra Records and a background of the label

15:05 - Bina's role as a marketing director at Ultra Records

17:20 - Bina walking us through the the single release process

31:07 - The rollout strategies for each release and when the planning and rollout begins

37:15 - Who are dance influencers and how do you get in contact with them?

41:15 - What is a Latin influencer?

48:23 - How TikTok influencer marketing works and how to connect with them

54:45 - How to gauge effectiveness of a TikTok campaign

1:00:00 - Gamer artists on Twitch and how to connect with them

1:06:45 - Ultra Records' advertising campaigns with Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc

1:17:20 - Where Ultra Records puts most of its ad spend

1:19:15 - Does Ultra Records run the ads for the releases or do the artists and their managers do them?

1:20:40 - What does it mean to Bina to make it in the new music business?


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