BMG A&R on Pub Deals, Artist Development and Signing Frank Ocean

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Over the last twenty years, Tab Nkhereanye, SVP of A&R (Artists & Repertoire) at BMG has been one of the driving forces behind hitmakers and top charting songs alike. Nkheranye’s success in the music industry is unlike many, providing him one of the most unique perspectives in the field and a resume that is hard to top. His path to BMG, was not a traditional one at all, as a songwriter in the first decade of his career, he was responsible for multiple #1 hits, writing with Justin Bieber, Madonna, Mary J. Blige and Brittany Spears. On the A&R side, during more than seven years at Island/Def Jam Records, Tab was responsible for the discovery and development of Frank Ocean, Alessia Cara and many others - showing that songwriters have a place in the corner office and paving a way for others like him. Tab’s mission is to be a voice and mentor for black songwriters and young executives who are looking to carve out their own path in the industry.

00:00 - Welcome

04:25 - Tab Nkhereanye and his story in music

12:05 - Publishing deal structures, ownership, royalties

16:23 - Co-publishing deals, what it looks like for a new songwriter

26:03 - What are you looking for when you are signing new songwriters?

30:05 - How involved are you in the creative process?

32:01 - Tab’s time at Def Jam Records and signing Alessia Cara, Frank Ocean

43:40 - Developing artists and major labels

47:05 - What are steps a songwriter should take when seeking a publishing deal?

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