State of the Industry | ATA Instructor Round Table

Enrollment is NOW OPEN for Ari’s Take Academy! In this episode of the New Music Business, we’ve got all the ATA instructors together to discuss the current state of the music industry. We also invited our community to be a part of this special live round table discussion, so be sure to stick around for the Q&A at the end. To learn more about ATA, please visit: and use code NMB for 10% off!

4:42 Welcome

6:52 Introducing Vo Williams (@thisisvo)

8:10 Vo on performing in the Tampa Bay Lightning arena for 20k people

9:42 How Vo got started in the sync licensing world

11:39 What are companies paying for the rights to place music for sync?

13:33 How sports teams got in touch with Vo

14:57 Can the same song be synced more than once?

15:41 Sync successes within the ATA community


17:27 Introducing Lucidious (@lucidous) & Jenny Powers (@iamjennypowers)

19:38 What is the focus right now for promoting music?

25:59 Digital marketing campaigns within the ATA community


28:40 Introducing Austin Georgas (@austingeorgas) & Jun Park (@junparka)

31:53 How TikTok is being used by artists and labels

34:49 Why TikTok is so powerful for your music career

37:42 Discovering new music through TikTok and its streaming conversion rate


40:58 Introducing Clare Means (@claremeans)

42:54 The similarities between busking and livestreaming

44:33 Why Twitch and TikTok are the best for livestreaming in 2022


49:12 Introducing Carey Rayburn (@goodcomusic)

50:37 Having a built-in audience within the Performing Arts Center (PAC) market

53:23 What your performances need to achieve recognition

54:11 ATA community successes within the PAC market


56:03 How have FB/IG ads changed since TikTok came into the picture?

59:36 How can artists work with Flighthouse?

1:01:30 How can cinematic orchestral music best succeed in the sync licensing?

1:03:19 How can older musicians fit into the new music world?

1:05:07 The type of acts that works best within the PAC market

1:06:32 The power of using universal and timeless themes in your music

1:07:46 Working smarter (not harder) with the ATA community

1:10:28 Why there’s room for every genre and how to best navigate your audience

1:17:44 Farewell message

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