Why Spotify's New Payment Model Falls Short For Emerging Artists

Read the full article on Variety: https://aristake.io/spotify-variety

This week, Ari Herstand discusses his recent article on Variety entitled Why Spotify’s New Payment Model Falls Short For Emerging Artists.

Articles mentioned:

Spotify’s article (Modernizing Our Royalty System to Drive an Additional $1 Billion toward Emerging and Professional Artists): https://artists.spotify.com/blog/modernizing-our-royalty-system

Streaming Fraud is More Serious (and Inventive) than you Think, with Andrew Batey and Morgan Hayduk of Beatdapp: https://aristake.com/andrew-batey-morgan-hayduk/

Building a Fan Economy with Fan Powered Royalties from MiDiA Research: https://aristake.io/MiDiA-fan-powered-royalties


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