Ritt Momney on TikTok Fame and Numbers Perspective

Ritt Momney (real name Jack Rutter) is a 21-year-old musician who went viral on TikTok at the end of 2020 for his song "Put The Records On." This virality propelled him into a favorable deal with Disruptor Records under Columbia Records.

Jack talks about how he distributed "Put The Records On" via TuneCore and why he signed it over to Disruptor Records. We also discuss perspective, numbers, approaching social media.

3:55 - Living in Los Angeles and how Ritt Momney met his manager

8:00 - Prior to getting a manager, was there traction with Ritt Momney?

9:45 - Perspective when achieving your goals

12:50 - Not having human connection after releasing "Put The Records On" and getting the reactions on social media

19:05 - How "Put The Records On" went viral on TikTok

22:17 - When Disruptor Records approached Ritt Momney and why he signed with them

36:10 - What the next phase of Ritt Momney looks like

44:17 - Tour and festival plans for Ritt Momney

49:58 - What it means to Ritt Momney to make it in the new music business

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