Micro Sync Licensing with Musicbed CEO

Daniel McCarthy is the CEO of FM, which includes the music platform Musicbed. It's one of the more popular sync hybrid platforms. It includes the typical sync agency but also acts as a music library. Musicbed works with indie filmmakers, wedding video filmmakers, and photographers. Their clients go all the way up to brands that place commercials in the Super Bowl and everyone in between.

We talk about how all of the smaller placements work and how artists get paid. We discuss how big sync licensing placements work and how artists are making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of their artists have made millions of dollars.

5:54 - How Musicbed got started and Daniel's story

13:12 - Musicbed's business model and definition of one stop

23:25 - What is micro licensing and content ID?

31:23 - How Musicbed subscriptions and the various levels of clearance work

35:45 - Getting screwed on a licensing deal and how to prevent it

43:21 - Fees for TV, film, and ad campaigns

49:09 - What Musicbed's artists are making annually

53:17 - Musicbed user interface

59:21 - How does an artist work with Musicbed?

1:01:36 - What it means to Daniel McCarthy to make it in the new music business

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