Manager for JP Saxe, X Ambassadors, Jukebox The Ghost is Persistent

This is a live episode, virtually, on Zoom, and we invited Ari's Take Academy students to be part of it. They were able to ask questions at the end of the episode.

The episode is with Seth Kallen. He's an artist manager for JP Saxe, X Ambassadors, Jukebox The Ghost, and many others. He talks about how to get opening slots on tours and how he was relentless early on. We discussed creating during quarantine, sync licensing, and touring. Stick around to the end of the episode. We had some great questions from the students. We even had someone from Moscow, Russia ask a question. Seth gave very knowledge answers to them and was super generous with his knowledge and wisdom. 


Seth's article on Medium:


Quick links: 

3:28 - Where Seth is quarantining from and how his life as a manager has shifted since quarantine started

5:56 - How it's been for Seth now that he's established himself as a manager - does he go to all of his artist's events? 

8:20 - Finding a balance between work and passions

10:40 - Livestreamed shows are not a replacement for live shows

13:40 - What is an artist manager and what do they do?

17:30 - What parts of his artists' career is he involved in?

20:50 - How Seth got started managing Jukebox The Ghost

24:13 - Did Seth finish college? 

26:18 - What is a day-to-day manager?

28:20 - How Seth discovered X Ambassadors

34:10 - How X Ambassadors went from drawing 5 people to a venue in New York to billions of streams, playing numerous venues, and being one of the biggest bands in the world at one point

40:20 - The pitch to get opening slots on bigger tours for artists

43:35 - Being relentless, persistent, and showing your worth; Ari's story about opening for Ben Folds

55:20 - JP Saxe's rise to fame and how Seth connected with him

1:09:20 - How JP Saxe pays it forward and why he remembers those who've helped him in his career

1:12:09 - ATA student questions


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