Jamestown Revival's Bassist on Shady Managers, Thousands of Shows, Playing Conan, Tracking to Tape - Nick Bearden

I recorded this week's podcast guest Nick Bearden live from his studio, Retro Lab Studios, in Nashville, Tennessee. He's a sideman, bassist, guitar player, producer, and sound engineer.

Nick Bearden has played thousands of shows with Jamestown Revival, but we go heavy on the business side of managers, where he shares a story on one of the shadiest managers I've ever heard of. We also discuss how freelancers operate.


Quick links:

3:15 - Nick Bearden, Jamestown Revival, and his instruments

8:05 - How not to do business in the music industry + sync licensing boom of 2009

18:45 - Tour managing

22:05 - Shady managers and getting ripped off

31:48 - How to know when someone is ripping you off

34:07 - How Nick finds gigs as a freelancer and who he's performing with

39:41 - The story of meeting and working with Jamestown Revival

1:12:58 - The music industry is always paying attention, whether you realize it or not

1:18:38 - Jamestown Revival's experience being signed to a major label

1:28:05 - Nick's advice for freelance musicians who want to be a "session cat" and touring musician

1:33:50 - How Nick defines making it in the new music business


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