Handling Your Music Finances From a Business Manager and Accountant

This week on the New Music Business, I spoke with Pink Noise’s business manager Khloe Churko, alongside tax preparer and fellow podcaster Stephanie Belcher. We dive deep into the weeds of music industry finances including bookkeeping, 1099s, LLCs versus S Corps, DBAs, how PROs pay artists, and so much more!

4:00 Welcome

7:30 What does a business manager do?

9:00 Sirius XM and Sound Exchange

13:30 Bookkeeping process

17:45 Taxes

22:00 What is a tax return?

32:30 LLC Vs. S Corp

45:45 Payroll

49:00 AB5 Law

53:30 LLC Vs. S Corp (Continued)

1:02:30 Doing business as (DBA)

1:04:00 Working with your Performing Rights Organization (PRO)

1:06:30 What’s wrong with Legal Zoom

1:08:00 Alternative to Legal Zoom

1:11:20 Statewide tax rates

1:14:45 Thank yous and final question

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