Hip Hop Expert Discusses State of the Music Industry

Our guest this week on the New Music Business is the founder of Trapital, Dan Runcie. The podcast and research group have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BBC World News, NPR, Axios, CNBC, and much more. Each week, Trapital shares insights on trends that matter for the artists, entrepreneurs, and investors who use the research to make decisions that will help their businesses grow.

03:04 Welcome

04:00 Innovations happening within the hip hop community

09:24 New licensing deals major labels are offering

18:55 Misconception of building a career off vanity metrics

28:56 TikTok-inspired record deals

39:26 Major vs. indie resources and connections

44:28 Artist discovery outside of Spotify playlists and release strategies

49:04 Final question

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