PR, Royalties, TikTok Strategy, NFTs, Multiple Project Names, Cover Songs (Ari Q&A Part 2)

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01:39 How do I release cover songs?

04:57 What do artists do if their country doesn't have the same artist resources (i.e. Kickstarter, Instagram, TikTok)?

9:36 How should I approach multiple project names with different genres?

16:06 Is the best way to build an email list by running a squeeze page?

19:37 Do I have to pass on my personal music project if I submit it to an exclusive sync library?

21:57 Are there any resources that can help me decide what songs off my album should be singles?

23:45 What resources would you recommend on how to build a plan to publish my songs?

26:46 Should I hire session musicians to help make my songs sound better? (+Mechanical Royalties explained)

32:33 What are your thoughts on internships in the music industry?

35:32 As a music industry major, what 3 things should I be focusing on in college if I want to be a singer/songwriter?

38:03 How do I provide value as a songwriter through platforms like TikTok?

39:02 What is your take on being verified on social media vs. having solid connections in the industry? 

40:51 Is paying for a publicist (PR) for my new song worth it?

45:35 For sync licensing, do I need industry quality music?

46:52 How much do Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) typically pay in music royalties from video streaming platforms (i.e. Netflix, HBO Max)?

49:09 What are the ways music NFTs can be sold?

51:56 How do you feel after interviewing Sam Duboff from Spotify?

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