Streaming, Publishing, Playlist Pitching, Sync/Beat Licensing (Ari Q&A Part 1)

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01:52 What is the most important thing to drive streaming and social media followers?

05:48 When copyrighting a collaborative song, do you need signatures from each musician to complete the copyright form?

08:15 What distribution companies, physical or digital, include splits?

12:46 What is the function of a publishing company?

20:45 What's your best advice for artists who work full-time but want to pursue music full-time for sync licensing?

22:54 ​​How should I find playlists to pitch to when I'm in a niche genre?

28:34 If you own the master and publishing, how is this revenue collected?

33:22 How much of my publishing should I be prepared to give up to a star producer and artist?

38:14 What else can new artists do to increase their streaming figures for new releases outside of social media posting, press and radio?

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