Explaining the Metaverse for Musicians

Our guest this week is Anne McKinnon, the co-founder and CEO of the web3 experience platform Ristband (ristband.co). In this episode, Ari and Anne break down everything musicians need to know about the ever-evolving metaverse and how exactly it’ll add value to artists’ careers.

To hear all of the most up to date news about Ristband, you can join their Discord community here: https://discord.com/invite/ce7jDJM9uA

4:10 Welcome

6:04 The story behind Ristband

14:06 Explaining the metaverse

18:22 How’s the metaverse different from a video game?

24:35 How’s the metaverse going to benefit artists?

31:19 Breaking down virtual concert experiences

46:01 Relationship with Epic Games

47:19 Ristband events showcasing NFT artists

52:42 Decentralized vs. centralized platforms

59:15 Final question

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