Halloween Special! + Vegan Burgers Could Become Illegal!

Happy Halloween and welcome to our Halloween special! Do you get who we're dressed up as?

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Today we talk about the EU ban on the 'veggie burger' label, veggie cultural appropriation, Rebecca Black being interviewed in the most cringy radio interview you'll ever hear, the controversy around potatoes being a vegetable or starch, as well as YouTube banning QAnon - the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is trying to save the world from a cabal of satanic pedophiles. But as this episode is a Halloween special we also take a look at some spoooooky TikTok videos that once and for all prove that ghosts are real!

Ghosts of TikTok compilation: https://bit.ly/3dOU08M

The Guardian on teen sharing TikTok ghost video: https://bit.ly/2Ti2b3W

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