HOW TO DECIDE ! +David's take on rhetorical questions !

today we're talking about how you should decide things! this is something we get a ton of questions about from our listeners and we thought that we should maybe give our take on how we decide important life changing things like 'which university should i go to?' or 'which country should i live in?'

also, david is super tired of people answering rhetorical questions, and he'll tell you about it !

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we talk about :

  • David's rhetorical questions rant
  • What Hogwarts house do we belong in
  • Long distance relationships
  • Why Jenny can't decide between soy milk and oat milk
  • Why David decides quickly

and of course, it wouldn’t feel like tuesday without david’s semi-funny anecdote about people we don’t know : this week we move across the world towards the korean peninsula and the english village on the boarder to north korea.

love // jenny & david


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