The Truth About Fur

As chief executive of the British Fur Trade Association, Mike Moser was the face of the UK’s fur industry. He met with politicians in China and Russia, and advocated his ‘luxury product’ in the House of Lords and at an EFRA Select Committee.
Then, after a decade promoting the right to wear and sell fur, Mike changed his mind.
In this confessional chat with Olly, he considers how he used peer-reviewed science as a crutch, reflects on the implications of publicly switching sides in our polarised society, and reveals how a dog called Barney changed his life.
Meanwhile, in the Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart tucks his top-knot under a full-body apiarist suit and heads to the hive for a deep dive on beekeeping.
Why are 40,000 hobbyists in Britain getting involved? Is it really possible to run a ‘natural’ hive? And what difference has the pandemic made to the taste of our honey?
Thanks to Filbert’s of Dorset for keeping Ollie sting-free.
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Elsewhere, in the Foxhole, Alix Fox - fresh from debating ‘vulval anxiety’ on Radio 4 - assists a Mann-fan whose sex sessions go on for much, much longer than he wants.
What are his options for tackling delayed ejaculation? Could it be caused by post-traumatic dissociation? And is it taken seriously enough by health professionals?
Thanks to psychosexual therapist Silva Neves and Girl On The Net’s Luke Douglas for their input.
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Finally, our record of the month is curious groove ‘Orange Juice’ by the fabulous Fryars - available to stream now.
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