The Night Before The Meeting

Lottie Woods was in her early twenties when she was sent, alone, to meet a powerful buyer for a high street fashion brand in Guangzhou, China.

They went out for a drink. The next morning, they had a meeting. In this interview with Olly, she recounts what happened in between.

Along the way, she reveals the pressures of designing garments for the ‘fast fashion’ sector, the challenges of raising ethical standards, and the fallout from one fateful evening in a country she didn’t know, in a language she couldn’t speak.


Lottie is now a freelance designer, working with ethical brands, and blogs about slow fashion and sustainable awareness at

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Meanwhile, in this month’s Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart takes his first awkward steps into the world of videogame development. 

Is a month long enough for him to develop a story that’s ‘credible, coherent and dramatically meaningful’? Has the opportunity afforded by a sprained ankle and a third month of lockdown given him enough time to to make a genuinely playable 2D platformer? (Spoiler: yes. If you head to our website, you can PLAY THE MAC VERSION NOW!).

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Elsewhere, in this month’s Foxhole, Alix Fox has advice on Zoom-based dating, ‘Buddha machines’, lockdown libidos and low-effort BDSM for those who fancy an X-rated session but need to catch some ZZZzzzs.

Such enquiries this month led her to consult professional Dominants Master Dominic and Moira Mona, and also the advice issued by the Faculty for Sexual and Reproductive Health for those using Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives, like coils and implants, during the Covid crisis.

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