Serving the Super-Rich (Season 5, Ep 1)

There are more billionaires than ever. Rockstars. Oil tycoons. Internet entrepreneurs. And all of them - all of them - employ private staff. The age of Jeeves and Wooster may be over, but the demand for a dependable butler remains. Lawrence McKenna has been serving the super-rich for three decades, including stints in private suites in London's poshest hotels and the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. In this interview with Olly, he reveals how to remain invisible yet available; poised to deliver whatever a ‘principal’ desires, from obscure coffee beans to a mid-coital cuppa. He explains how to carry a plate, when to say ‘yes’ and when to simply say ‘it can be done’, and how to prepare *just chilled* mineral water to the taste of a Saudi trillionaire.

Meanwhile, in this week’s Lifehack, meet Rudy Budhdeo: a man who knows how to wear jeans. As CEO of world-leading store Son Of A Stag, he tells us his top three life-hacks for buying, washing and manipulating raw denim. The Lifehack is sponsored by our friends at Squarespace. You can design yourself a truly beautiful website using their simple and delightful tools. Take out a free trial for a fortnight, and then, if you want to sign up, get 10% OFF for a year by using our code, ‘Mann’.

Elsewhere, in this week’s Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart, who definitely doesn’t want to talk about Fidget Spinners, instead examines the world of ‘Snapbot queue-jumpers’ and puzzling YouTube phenomenon Poppy. He is also set a new challenge: to become a true trends insider by the end of the series. Think you can help him blag a ticket to Hamilton or a ride on the 'Parliamentary ghost-train'? Get in touch.

Down the Foxhole, Alix Fox - fresh from having her senses awakened at Open Senses - reveals the surprising history of vasectomies, and explains why there’s a trend for millennial men to get the snip at a younger age than you might expect. She also assists a listener concerned that his forthcoming vasectomy might affect his sexual sensation. If you have a question of sex for Alix, just submit via the Feedback form on our website, This fifth series of sex questions comes to your ears thanks to our friends at They truly are a marvel: in fact, if you’re going to sleep with anyone, we strongly advise you visit them first. And remember to use the code ‘FOXHOLE’ when you do, to get 15% off. Finally, our Song of the Week is ‘My Lover Cindy’ by Marika Hackman. Her new album is out now on Sub Pop Records. It’s great to be back.

See You Next Tuesday! Presenter: Olly Mann. Contributors: Ollie Peart, Alix Fox. Producer: Matt Hill. Theme Music: 'Skies Over Cairo' by Django Django. Graphic Design: Jenny Mann Design. Copyright: Olly Mann / Rethink Audio 2017.


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