My Dad, The Stranger

Olivia hardly knew her father. Her parents divorced when she was two, and she was brought up by her Mum.

Sent to boarding school at the age of eight, she was estranged from her Dad for a decade.

Struggling financially, and weakened by bulimia, she got a call from out of the blue: it was her father, wanting to rekindle their relationship.

But - as her health deteriorated, and the UK went into lockdown - her Mum dropped a bombshell that changed everything Olivia thought she knew about her family…

Names have been changed.  

Content warning: eating disorders; emotional abuse

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Elsewhere, in the Foxhole, Alix Fox checks out Balldo, the new toy that ‘turns your balls into a torpedo’, and advises listener James, who lusts after casual sex with his close friends.

Is James demisexual? Is hypersexualised gay culture, online and offline, spurring him on? And is it really a ‘kink’ to have a crush on your mates? Alix investigates, with the help of Skyler Wang, Topher Talyor, and Justin Myers.

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Finally, our record of the month is ‘Personal Shopper’, a dystopian synth pop classic-in-the-making from Steven Wilson. You can stream the full glorious TEN MINUTES now on his album, The Future Bites.


Stay safe, and we’ll see you with a brand new episode on March 10th.

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