Mr & Mrs & Mrs

It began as a threesome, arranged through dating app Feeld - but soon Maggie and Cody realised their connection to Janie was more than sexual. 
No longer just an adventurous couple in an open relationship, they had become a ‘thruple’ - whose relationship with Janie (their ‘third’) was as vital and equitable as their marriage to each other. 
In this interview with Olly, they explain the importance of communication in a three-way relationship, the dangers of jealousy and bigotry - and the complexities of sleeping arrangements and decision-making when you love two people at once.
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Content warning: brief mention to eating disorder in the Letters Section that opens the podcast.
Meanwhile, in the Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart dons his VR headset (again) to discover what real-world skills he can glean from his living room.With the help of YouTubers Cas and Chary, and apps Survivorman, The Climb 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Marineverse Cup, he tries his hand at yacht-racing, skyscraper climbing and fire-lighting - only to find refuge in ‘DJ school’ Tribe XR. Whilst learning to use aftershave as ignition fuel.
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Elsewhere, in the Foxhole, Alix Fox has details of how you can play with lightbulbs in your bedroom. In two unforgettable ways.
And, in our listener question of the month, she considers inventive lockdown dating ideas, from ‘collabaroke’ to tarot-reading, and reveals how a socially-distanced ‘picture pic-tour’ nabbed her a boyfriend.
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Over in music corner, St Vincent make a welcome return to our playlist of dreams. Their new one, 'Pay Your Way In Pain’, is out now.
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Presenter: Olly Mann. Producer: Matt Hill. Contributors: Ollie Peart, Alix Fox, St. Vincent, Janie Frank, Maggie Odell, Cody...
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