Justice By Numbers

Seeking a secure investment, newlyweds Sara and Ali sank their savings into a dependable, government-backed business - a branch of the Post Office.

That decision led them to lose their income, their home - and even their liberty.

In this intense interview with Olly, they explain how an unacknowledged software glitch put unbearable strain on their marriage, their family and their livelihoods - and made them question why our institutions place so much faith on the accuracy of complex computer systems in the first place. Listen now at 00:26.13.

The ‘Horizon scandal’ has since been described as one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in recent British legal history. You can discover more at postofficetrial.com.

Our thanks to journalist Nick Wallis for connecting us with Ali & Sara. We’ve changed their names to protect their own appeal for justice.


Elsewhere, in this month’s Zeitgeist (at 00:04.11), Ollie Peart - fresh from deleting all social media apps from his smartphone - has been tasked with getting creative on Cameo.

Can a platform created for celebrities to cash in on personalised video messages serve up something truly inspirational, or is it just for birthday shout-outs?

With the help of Blue Peter’s Barney Harwood, Chucklevision’s Paul Chuckle, Hollyoaks’ Annie Wallace, Eastenders’ Ricky Groves, Seinfeld’s Fred Stoller, K-Pop superfan Oli London and The Raconteurs’ Brendon Benson, Ollie does his best to investigate. And the results are… unpredictable.

Our thanks to Laurie Harrison at Green Bird Recordings and Tim Gifford for helping Ollie create a new musical masterpiece.

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Meanwhile, in the Foxhole (at 01:03.53), Alix Fox explores whether it’s safe, practical and enjoyable to indulge in anal sex when you’re pregnant.

With the help of Dr. Rebecca Levy-Gantt, author of Womb With a View: Tales from the Delivery, Emergency and Operating Rooms, and midwife and ‘placenta artist’ Deborah Neiger, she dispenses some wise words for those wanting to have bum fun with a bun in the oven.

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Music this month comes from Royal Blood, with their sensational slice of rock-disco, ‘Trouble’s Coming’.

You can find a full Spotify playlist of our ‘record of the month’ selections on our website.


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