I Invented Friends Reunited

Four years before Facebook, long before anyone knew what ‘social networking’ was, Julie Pankhurst had an idea...

What if, without trawling through message-boards or working your way through The Phone Book, you could reconnect with all your old school friends, via one simple database?

Friends Reunited rapidly became one of Britain’s biggest ever start-ups, attracting 23m users at its peak, and a reputation for reigniting old flames.

In her first ever podcast interview, Julie reveals to Olly how a family separation inspired her invention, why she’s spent the last twenty years shunning the limelight, and how rival bidders tried to woo her - before she and husband Steve sold, to ITV, for £120m.

Since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Julie recommends the programme from Overcoming MS - https://overcomingms.org/


Meanwhile, in this month’s Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart explores Britain’s burgeoning love affair with e-bikes. Can bone conducting technology alleviate the tedium of his two-wheeled commute? Why does a premium pedal-assist bicycle cost the same as a car? And was it really wise to chuck out his lycra?

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Elsewhere, in this month’s Foxhole, Alix Fox advises a listener who fears his wife is addicted to sexting. What are the best ways to save their relationship? Should a text-only ‘affair’ be considered an act of betrayal? And, if you’re addicted to sexting, how can you give up?

For her research Alix discussed the nature of addiction with Dr Suzi Gage, whose book Say Why To Drugs is out now, and sex and relationships therapist Sarah Berry. 

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