Being Amy Winehouse (Season 4, Ep 4)

Amy Winehouse’s voice may have seemed unique - but you can sing just like her if you understand her influences. So says Emma Wright, whose musical journey began with an X Factor audition that sounded like Christina Aguilera, morphed into a Stars In Their Eyes contest in which she played Lady Gaga - and culminated in a fully-fledged career impersonating one of the most troubled and celebrated musical icons of recent times. Elsewhere this episode, in The Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart - whose Mum once called him a scrotum - considers biometric face masks, Pinterest parties and the Nintendo Switch; and, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox 'spices up' Superdrug’s social media presence and advises a listener who wonders if they should bring up their chequered sexual history with a new partner. The Foxhole is proudly sponsored by our friends at MyCondom.Com - use the code FOXHOLE at Checkout to receive an incredible 15% Off. Music this week comes courtesy of British Sea Power and their new one, Keep On Trying, out at the end of March on Rough Trade Records. If you enjoy the show, please do buy us a beer or send us some feedback - details on our website, MODERNMANN.CO.UK - or leave us a review on iTunes for your chance to become a Mann-bassador. And, if you can't bear to wait a week for more sweeeeeet MM content, do check out 'Modern Mann Extra', Ollie's new video series. In this week's show, Ollie 'investigates' Craft Beer Rising - including bespoke canned cocktails, mushroom beer... and a sizeable hangover. You can find that at See You Next Tuesday! Presenter: Olly Mann. Contributors: Ollie Peart, Alix Fox. Producer: Matt Hill. Theme Music: 'Skies Over Cairo' by Django Django. Graphic Design: Jenny Mann Design. Copyright: Olly Mann / Rethink Audio 2017.

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