The Woman Who Talks To Paedophiles (Season 4, Ep 9)

Dr Sarah Goode spent six years talking to, and writing about, self-defined paedophiles - grown men sexually attracted to children. She believes, if our society were more accepting of this ‘involuntary’ sexual predilection, then more children might be protected from abuse - if the men concerned were prevented from acting out their fantasies. In this compelling interview with Olly, Dr Goode outlines her contentious view and why she believes hysteria around predatory paedophilia ironically fails to protect Britain’s children. She also explains why she believes the internet can be a force for good in combatting child abuse - despite the presence of online grooming, and the wide availability of child sexual abuse imagery. Sarah has written two academic books based on her research, 'Understanding and Addressing Adult Sexual Attraction to Children: A Study of Paedophiles in Contemporary Society' and 'Paedophiles in Society: Reflecting on Sexuality, Abuse and Hope'. Both are available to buy via Amazon. If you think you are sexually attracted to children, please seek professional advice. The organisation referred to in the interview is StopSO, the Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending: If you've been affected by child sexual abuse, remember there are always people you can talk to. In the UK, the Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123. In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255. In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is on 13 11 14. Elsewhere on this week’s show, struggling vegetarian Ollie Peart previews ‘this year’s must have gas mask’ in The Zeitgeist. He also reports on one-man’s quest to be sent a year’s supply of chicken nuggets, and experiments with a new way to remove the bitterness from your coffee. You can see more from Ollie in our video series, 'Modern Mann Extra' at Meanwhile, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox, fresh from bashing up a Toyota Yaris, has advice for a listener who laughs hysterically and joyously for five minutes every time she has an orgasm - much to the confusion of her husband... The Foxhole is sponsored by our friends at, who supply an incredible range of condoms, lube and sex toys. Visit their site and get 15% OFF at Checkout if you use our discount code, 'Foxhole'. If you have a question of sex for Alix, just use the Feedback form - you can remain anonymous if you wish - on our website, In our Lifehack segment this week, runner James Adams shares his top three tips on how to run a marathon, courtesy of Squarespace. If you want to build yourself a beautiful website like James's, simply visit and use the code 'MANN' to get 10% OFF a year's subscription. Finally, our record of the week comes courtesy of Australian alt-hip hop producer Jonti and his song Scrood. It features the guest vocals of Steve Lacy, and is out now on Future Classic records. That's it for this week's show, but we'll be back next week with our season finale! If you value this podcast, and independent podcasting generally, please please do buy us a beer - every penny we get goes back into supporting the show, and we really appreciate it. Just visit and click 'Beer Money'. See You Next Tuesday! Presenter: Olly Mann. Contributors: Ollie Peart, Alix Fox. Producer: Matt Hill. Theme Music: 'Skies Over Cairo' by Django Django. Graphic Design: Jenny Mann Design. Copyright: Olly Mann / Rethink Audio 2017.

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