Strip Club Etiquette (Season 2, Ep 7)

How should you behave in a 'gentleman's club'? Stripper Edie Licious should know - from grinding the stage at super-sized American strip bars to working the pole in humble East End pubs, she's played 'em all. In this frank and funny interview, she tells Olly how nightclubs milk money from hapless drunk punters who pay 'VIP', explains why erotic dancing can still sometimes be erotic, and considers her future in the industry now that she's fallen in love. You'll never not tip a stripper again. Also this episode: Ollie Peart previews the music, fashion and grub on offer at this year's biggest music festivals in The Zeitgeist. Is festival food overpriced? Is monochrome the acceptable face of tie-dye? And will he ever get tickets for Glastonbury? Meanwhile, over in The Foxhole, Alix Fox promotes her campaign to introduce a condom emoji, and considers a question of BDSM: should a reluctant dom hit and choke his submissive girlfriend when she's specifically requested him to, but he feels uncomfortable so doing? If you have a question of sex for a future episode, just head over to and fill in our Feedback form - you can remain completely anonymous if you wish. Music this week comes courtesy of Matthew and the Atlas, in the form of their new single, Temple, from their album of the same name. Big thanks to our sponsors this week, the Bald Head Liberation Front - your one-stop shop for blades, oils and potions to keep your bald scalp shiny and sexy and manly and grr. Visit them now at And if you too see the value in supporting our show, and independent podcasting in general, then please do buy us a beer - it's only through the support of listeners like you that we can afford to keep producing the show. Just visit and click 'beer money'. See You Next Tuesday! Presenter: Olly Mann. Contributors: Ollie Peart, Alix Fox. Producer: Matt Hill. Theme Music: 'Skies Over Cairo' by Django Django. Graphic Design: Jenny Robertshaw. Copyright: Olly Mann / Rethink Audio 2016

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