The Fatal Blow

Charlotte Henry’s brother Alex was just 20 years old when he was charged with murder, attempted murder and GBH for a gang-related incident that lasted just 47 seconds.
Even though he did not know the victim, and did not issue the fatal blow that killed him, Alex had run towards the scene of the crime with his friend Cameron Ferguson, who was armed with a knife.
Alex was charged under ‘joint enterprise’ laws - since overturned by the Supreme Court in instances of murder. But he remains in prison to this day.
In this interview with Olly, Charlotte - now a criminal defence lawyer - re-lives the moment she became aware her brother’s teenage truancy was escalating into something more troubling - and explains why, ten years on, she’s still campaigning to exonerate him.

Meanwhile, in the Zeitgeist, Ollie Peart tries his hand at making vegan milk. Can his soaked oats match brand leader Oatly for flavour? Is it really more environmentally friendly to drink rapeseed oil than cow’s milk? And is rice always nice? Olly finds out - in the taste test from Hell...
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Elsewhere, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox weighs up the pros and cons of getting a ‘Prince Albert’. Is it worth the discomfort to achieve greater sexual pleasure? What’s in it for your sexual partners? And why ARE penis piercings named after Queen Victoria’s consort, anyway? Alix reveals all…
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Finally, our record of the month is the loud-and-proud ‘Dangerous’ from indie funsters The Mysterines. Go stream it!

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