Bowie, Chastity Belts and Speed-Eating

How did the credit card come to be invented? Who was the first man to be cryogenically frozen? And have you heard of the experimental drug club where Victor Hugo used to toke?

The answers to these questions – and many hundreds more – can be found in the daily history podcast THE RETROSPECTORS, and in this special compilation for Mann-Fans, Olly introduces three brilliant episodes of the show, themed around The Modern Mann’s regular preoccupations – trends, music and sex...

You’ll learn how much mayonnaise a woman can physically consume; how David Bowie and Queen came together to record ‘Under Pressure’; and the strange story of the Frenchman who made his wife wear a chastity belt.

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Further Reading:
• ‘Woman eats 5 lbs of mayo in 3 minutes | Guinness World Record’ (SoAmazing TV, 2018):
• ‘Feel Like’ (1981), the demo Queen recorded before Bowie turned up:
• ‘Are They Real? The Dubious History Of Chastity Belts’ (Ripleys, 2019):

The Retrospectors are Olly Mann, Rebecca Messina & Arion McNicoll, with Matt Hill.
Theme Music: Pass The Peas. Announcer: Bob Ravelli. Graphic Design: Terry Saunders. Edit Producer: Emma Corsham.
Copyright: Rethink Audio / Olly Mann 2022.

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