The Accidental Pimp (Season 5, Ep 6)

Life as a landlord means trusting strangers to live in your house. Try as you might, you can't know everything about them. Sometimes, you just have to rely on an instinct that your tenants are good people. Until, that is, you get a knock on the door from the Police... That's what happened to listener Ian from Dublin. In this interview with Olly, he re-lives the moment he became involved in an armed Police sting - and began to regret renting out his property.

Also this week, Ollie and Olly head off to Wimbledon and investigate 'tennis-heckling', the rise of Aperol Spritz and the IBM data bunker. Plus, Ollie continues in his quest to become a true trends insider, forsaking Raya for Inner Circle, and preparing to venture to High Wycombe in the name of journalism.

Meanwhile, down the Foxhole, Alix Fox ponders the possibilities of cervical orgasms, and answers a listener question of sexual reciprocity - how should a high-functioning autistic woman get off in the sack, when she can't bear physical contact? If you have a question of sex for Alix, just fill in our Feedback form on our website, MODERNMANN.CO.UK - you can remain anonymous if you wish. The Foxhole is sponsored by the love-Gods who run - head over there to fill your boots with condoms, sex toys and lube, all at great-value prices, with an additional 15% OFF when you use our code, 'FOXHOLE'. Finally, our record of the week - which, like all our favourite 'choons, is featured in our Spotify playlist at MODERNMANN.CO.UK/MUSIC - is the new one from St Vincent. It’s called New York, and it’s available to download right now. That's it for this week's show: if you enjoy what we do, please support us by buying us a beer or reviewing us on iTunes. Details on our website.

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