Sara Urbaez - On Photo Editing

Gem chats to Sara Urbaez, a photo editor with extensive experience in both brand and editorial spaces. Sara extensive career has seen her work in photo departments at Apple, Airbnb, Wired, Art+ Auction and Modern Painters.

Motivated by photography’s long history of preventing cultures from representing themselves and the dire lack of diverse storytelling in the industry, Sara founded Listo – a platform devoted to dismantling colonial tendencies in photography. Listo is profoundly celebratory and thoughtful in its approach building curiosity through interviews, group shows and industry talks.

In this conversation we talk about her journey into Photo Editing, her process and what she looks for in a pitch. We also discuss how she navigated the industry and was a fierce advocate for diversity in storytelling. We talk about the importance of speaking out and the liberation that comes from building your own world. We talk about her new curatorial platform Listo, its genesis, mission and plans for the future.


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