Eva O'Leary - On Process

Eva O’Leary has been producing photographs in and around her hometown of Central Pennsylvania, ironically nicknamed Happy Valley. Gaining access to college parties, dorm rooms, and proms and other social spaces of those in the midst of pivotal coming of age moments, O’Leary examines individual vulnerability in these transitional times. Her work explores intimate moments to deftly confront power dynamics as it falls along gendered lines, especially within the lives of adolescents.

Eva’s work navigates structural and social systems that perpetuate ideologies of fantasy, power and control within American society, specifically focused on the impact on young women and their experience in the world. Her work is deeply personal, using her own experiences, memories and journals as the foundation of her practise.


We recorded this episode in early April 2020 during the Covid 19 pandemic, which was bringing up many questions about the role and purpose of art and creative work for both of us. This inevitably ended up being a core part of our conversation because how could it not be.


Gem Fletcher talks to Eva O’Leary about process, growth and how art can be both therapy and liberation.



Recorded in London, UK

Edited by John Webb

Music by Judd Greenstein – Change from Awake

Design by Ruby Wight

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